Editing Older Gods (Ft David A. Roberts, Shaun Bishop, Keith Lupton & Scott Bishop)

In the latest episode the producers of OLDER GODS talk about the editing process of the film.

Its helpful to watch Older Gods BUT we’ve tried to keep the discussion spoiler free if you haven’t seen it yet. We cover the below:

– How to choose what scenes to cut out
– Why your first edit is never any good!
– How the story changed during post production
– What surprised us during editing
– What scenes weren’t working and had to be changed
– How we used re-shoots to fix problems
– Suitable run times for your film
– Lessons for first time filmmakers editing their own film
– How to get effective feedback for you film.
– Using music and sound to elevate your film

The Sound & Music of Older Gods (Ft David A. Roberts, Keith Lupton & Gerald Buckfield)

In our latest episode we speak to Gerald Buckfield who recorded the sound of Older Gods AND composed / produced the soundtrack!

We talk with Gez about the following:
– What was it like working on Older Gods together
– Common sound problems to avoid on set
– Advice for getting the best sound on set so you don’t have to rely on ADR
– How we initially worked with Gerald just for sound but were introduced to his amazing music
– The most difficult parts of producing a score
– How film makers can work with composers to get the specific sound they need
– How to use music to improve a scene (or how the wrong music can spoil one!)


Filming Older Gods (Ft David A. Roberts, Scott Bishop, Keith Lupton & Shaun Bishop)

Covered in the episode:

-The story of Older Gods
– Working in a remote location, miles from anywhere and the problems you will find
– Problems we ran into that film makers should keep in mind
– Techniques we used to move through shooting quickly, but keeping quality high.
– Managing the footage & digital files as you film
– Working with actors and choosing the right people for your project
– Choosing the right location for your film
– Equipment that helped us move quicker through the shoot
– Our favourite aspects from the shoot
– Advice on how upcoming filmmakers can do the same